May still measures to be taken against Dutch rapper Jebroer

4426d679085c1a5fb736bc8770a6bb06 - May still measures to be taken against Dutch rapper Jebroer

The Dutch police takes might still measures against rapper Jebroer, after a video clip in which he violations, commits, and not to agreements. The clip for the song “Polizei” caused a fuss: the creators used, for example, against the restraints, uniforms on the public road. The police wants the clip, but the management does not do that, for example, the police. Therefore, bends the chief yet on possible measures.

The management of the rapper confirms that agreements have not been fulfilled. Two actors in a burgerauto have politiepakken worn on the open road, “something that should not have happen”. In the clip is a chase in which speeds of 200 kilometers per hour are achieved. Also, driving the rapper, for example, by red. “We take the responsibility for the red drive and turn right on the verdrijvingsvlak”. That the video clip negative reactions provoked, deplores the spokesman said. “The purpose of the video was made with good intentions and in a creative way, the new single by Jebroer to bring attention.”

That the rapper 200 kilometers per hour reed, true, not, incidentally, says the management. “Which fictional speeds are later in the frame mounted”.

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