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Manchester United-coach Solskjaer after European thuisnederlaag: “We have to be honest, PSG is just a lot better”

Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer responded Tuesday night realistic after the 0-2 defeat of his team in the heenwedstrijd of the eighth finals of the Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain. “This PSG just plays at a higher level than us”, according to the T1 of ManU.

Manchester United


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Paris Saint-Germain

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“It was a balanced match”, put out the Noor of shore. “The first goal we were not allowed to collect. The second was simply due to their large class. It was not our best match, but you can also not deny that this PSG just a lot more qualities than us. At the back, front are absolute top players. It is not for nothing that they are favorite. This level we would ever reach the real world.”

Still wanted Solskjaer still not all the way up the towel to throw in. “Yet all is not lost. This club in the second leg, still backfiring. In the changing rooms, I saw a lot of disappointed boys, but they are determined in Paris in a good performance. There awaits us an immense task, but we are Manchester United. We save always return.”

Solskjaer saw Anthony Martial and Jesse Lingard out with muscle injuries and could be less absorbing than his colleague at PSG, Thomas Tuchel, previously star players Neymar and Edinson Cavani and Red Devil Thomas Meunier had to miss. “That is also their strength”, decided Solskjaer. “They have so many players behind the hand. We also look forward to reinforcements, though we know also that there is so much young talent in us to sitting. No, I don’t think this defeat a relapse will bring. In the Champions League you know that it will be difficult, the runs this season for us anyway, especially to the Premier League. We want absolutely the top four.”

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