Macedonia is now called officially the North of Macedonia

The small balkan country of Macedonia is now called officially the North of Macedonia. The new name is Tuesday, of power gone, that made the government in Skopje is known.

The renaming of Macedonia as part of the conversion of a contract with Greece in June last year. The parliament in Skopje had last month corresponding constitutional amendments were adopted.

Athens had, since the independence of Macedonia 27 years ago, it urged its northern neighbour, his name would change because that is shared with a province in the north of Greece. As an EU and NATO member Greece every approach of Macedonia to western alliances blocked. In the meantime, the accession of North Macedonia to the NATO-initiated. The Greek parliament had, the previous week, the protocol in question has already ratified.


The change of name led in Greece to a lot of protest. Especially in the northern Greek province of Macedonia find a lot of the residents that the name Macedonia exclusively to the Greek historical heritage.

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