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Litecoin Lightning payments for over 4,500 dealer activated worldwide

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Litecoin Lightning payments for over 4,500 dealer activated worldwide

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Marcel Knobloch –

One of the largest payment gateways in the world, Coingate, announced yesterday, that from now on all merchant transactions on the Lightning network. Thus, the adaptation will be pushed back a bit.

The Second-Layer payment Protocol Lightning has won in the last few months, both within the Bitcoin and the litecoin network. It already has over 6,000 Nodes, and the transaction volume is increasing by the day, as well as dissemination and use. At the time of writing the data of show that in the case of Litecoin is around 150 Nodes with a capacity of 100 LTC are active.

The Integration of Coingate will increase the acceptance of Litecoin Lightning network. Within the market place of Coingate, there are now over 4,500 traders who use the Coingate-payment solution. A prominent trading partner for surf shark, a VPN provider that has activated the Lightning network for Litecoin and its customer transactions in almost real time at very low cost.

Coingate was one of the first payment gateways on the market that integrates the Bitcoin Lightning network and the acceptance and dissemination strengthened. Now Litecoin will follow (freely translated):

Since the launch we have received over 30,000 orders with Lightning, which suffice as a strong sign that both our customers as well as the Crypto-Community have a great interest in this development. As we see the enormous potential, we have decided that for the function to develop, but this time for a Litecoin.

Coingate is shown again as a leader in innovation and a pioneer in the industry.

Continue to describes that Coingate will introduce next Atomic Swaps between Bitcoin and Litecoin to the platform. Atomic Swaps would allow for an even smoother trading between various crypto-currencies and the Ecosystem is another component to complement.

Litecoin also announced that Privacy Features to introduce, however, these are to be regarded according to the latest statements as optional. The developers are working on privacy functions to be integrated with the Mible Wimble technology. According to the statements of the founder, Charlie Lee, will be the advanced data-protection capabilities through a simple Opt-In to use, without a Hard Fork is necessary.

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