IN THE PICTURE. Rare black leopard spotted in Kenya

The British nature photographer had a cameraval set up in the Laikipia Wilderness Camp in Kenya to the great predator to spot after through a friend rumors had heard about the animal. He contacted the landowners and pulled out with a guide to take pictures with his Camtraptions Camera Trap.

“I can be a kind of studiosetting with exposure in the wild and my camera for weeks or even months to hang,” he explains to Reuters. But during the fourth night he had been lucky: a male black leopard, judging by the size of the animal is about two years old, walked in the cameraval.

The black color of the coat is the result of a genetic mutation that leads to melanisme. The spots of the animal are still clearly visible.

Video images

While Burrard-Lucas took photographs, researchers were able to the San Diego zoo last year, also shooting movies of a female. She posts about that in the African Journal of Ecology.

‘Together, these are the first confirmed images of black leopards in Africa, ” says Nicholas Pilfold, principal investigator of the San Diegoteam.

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