Hillary Clinton tweet about Belgian klimaatmarsen

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‘Teenage girls are leading a movement to global warming’, tweette Hillary Clinton. She refers to an article by news site Buzzfeed, which refers to the klimaatmarsen in Europe, also in Belgium. In the text is also Anuna, The Weaver of the word.

“There is something incredibly in Europe, and perhaps soon in America,” wrote the former First Lady and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Twitter. ‘Teenage girls are leading a movement to global warming.’

In the article it is revealed how students in different European countries are taking to the streets to protest against the climate policy. “The most dramatic protests in Belgium,” says the website. “The last three Thursdays spijbelden thousands of students, and in the heart of the protest is a 17-year-old girl, Anuna, The Weaver.

Anuna, The Weaver

The article explains how the protests in Belgium, such a large proportions took it, and let Anuna to the word. “We thought our call twenty people on the streets would bring,” says The Weaver at Buzzfeed. “I am, my generation is so grateful that they will give to the climate.’

The Weaver got itself inspired by the Swedish Greta Thunberg (15), each Friday, for the Swedish parliament to protest. She wants her country complies with the agreements made in the climate deal in Paris.

The call of Thunberg, the decision of Belgium in december in Katowice, Poland not to join the elevated ambitions of the climate summit, and the fact that they are in June still will not be allowed to vote in the elections, urged The Weavers to take action. She says that the protests made her a louder voice. “It is shocking to see that adults by students should be reminded of the fact that their decisions, our lives will shape.’

‘Youth for Climate ” calls for Thursday, February 14, again to play truant for the climate. They come at 10: 30 a.m. at the north station in Brussels.

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