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Hanne Decoutere dancing ‘Romeo and Juliet’: sensual, playful and sometimes a bit stiff

Persistence pays. Last night we danced Hanne Decoutere the role of her life. On pointes, followed by a which standing ovation. Mission accomplished.

Less than an hour all tickets for the gala of Hanne Dances out the door. It says something about how the Journaalanker over the past 12 months became an ambassador of classical ballet …

Less than an hour all tickets for the gala of Hanne Dances out the door. It says something about how the Journaalanker over the past 12 months became an ambassador of classical ballet and Flanders in the spell kept an otherwise very closed world. “You must be crazy to be a challenge as this to go,’ suggested Thomas Vanderveken, for the occasion, presenter of the service. ‘I know.’

He may as newly formed concert pianist last year hard played during the first series of the Canvasprogramma, Decoutere went to the next level. That they were once very close to her dream was, has undoubtedly something to do with it. As a teenager, she for the ingangsexamen of the Royal ballet school, but her parents wanted the fate of their daughter is not at such an early age seal.

Soon, it was during the preparations on television clearly the damage of 15 years of not dancing is not just left to catch up, how many hours of Pilates and balletles Decoutere did (the last three months every day, except on Christmas!). A knee surgery threw a spanner in the works. Choreographer Jean-Christophe Maillot, whose Romeo and Juliet Decoutere, the balcony scene would be dancing, wanted it pointewerk dropped. But Decoutere – with professional ballet dancers, she shares a part of its perfectionism and perseverance, continued to the end as a verbetene practice. Monday afternoon, and only fell in the final verdict.

And look, there she was, full of devotion on the stage of the packed concert hall in Bruges. With pointes on. A wave of relief went through the room as they are behind the curtain appeared and the reassuring tiktak echoed. Decoutere and Maillot seemed to be a realistic compromise to have found: the previously static relevés carried out Decoutere meritorious, but the pirouettes were flat dancing.

‘An incredible gift’

More convincing than the technique used was immersion. “It’s not about the choreography, but about the love’, stressed Maillot during the last rehearsals. On tv, it was already clear, but also on the stage was the very moustache with the chemistry between Decoutere and her partner Gabor Kapin. Together they put Leotards sensual and playful choreography – modelled on his muse Bernice Coppieters, also present in the room – with a lot of passion down. Sometimes, the boundary with the overacting thin and danced Decoutere, despite a pair of elegant and nimble jumps, still a bit stiff. On the best moments, however, you saw a special grace, born ballerinas. It proves what Maillot during the last episode of Hanne Dances said: “She has the soul of a dancer.’

Itself was Decoutere, just like her coach, Geneviève Van Quaquebeke, very happy with its performance. ‘I have my passion to experience and that is an incredible gift. I have worked hard for it, but it never felt like a sacrifice. For the people around me, it was often more difficult. I’m going to do this time and throughout the year, with all the ups and the downs, the small and large pains, cherish. No better antidote against adversity’


Or they have no regret that there is now an end to her second career? ‘Regret always comes too late. I live now and looking back has no meaning. Suppose I have to the ballet school had been, I might never be good enough and I had this ballet never allowed to dance. I am very grateful that Maillot so much invested in me. After the dress rehearsal the day before yesterday he came applaudisserend the stage. When there are tears shed.’

Decoutere wants after this adventure, in any case, continue to dance. An Abrupt stop would not be healthy after such an intensive training. Van Quaquebeke did not already have a subscription gift for her dance studio Arabesque.

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