George Clooney is worried about Meghan Markle: “We know how Diana fared”

The American steracteur George Clooney, during a gathering in Los Angeles, Meghan Markle compared with princess Diana. Who died at the age of 36 in a car accident while they are by paparazzi was haunted.

‘Handsome George Clooney, a good friend of prince Harry and Meghan, last year, was still present at the royal wedding. “The duchess of Sussex (Meghan, ed.) is equally vijandsbeeld created as Diana at that time. It is everywhere haunted, it seems that history repeats itself. And we all know how it with Diana last,” was the last Friday ominous when Clooney the word took.

The statements of the actor come shortly after a newspaper parts of a personal letter published by the pregnant Meghan to her father. For the necessary dollars leaked to Thomas Markle, in that letter soon. It need not be said that father and daughter are not a good relationship.

In the letter asked Meghan to her father for her privacy to respect, and not a private business more to bring out. Father Markle was to say disappointed because he a gesture of rapprochement of his daughter had expected.

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