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Forbes calls director Lukas Dhont at the most promising entertainers

ed70da43ec72e9ef91458e95a53f8788 - Forbes calls director Lukas Dhont at the most promising entertainers

The Flemish director Lukas Dhont, which scores highly with his debut feature ‘Girl’, is one of the young people in the European list for the entertainment category of Forbes’ ‘30 under 30’. In that lists awards the business magazine of young people who, according to Forbes will speak. Also two Belgian wetenschapsters be called.

Forbes proposes since 2012 a list of persons under thirty years of which the future will shape. In ten categories are 30 names listed. There are lists for Europe, North America and Asia.

Lukas Dhont was thus in the European entertainmentlijst. He’s in the company of, among others, the British actors Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Holland, and the British singer George Ezra.

In the category ‘science and health’ has Forbes even two Flemish researchers included. Neurowetenschapster Angelique Of Ombergen (UAntwerpen), explores how the human body responds to spaceflight and how people on other planets we can live. She is currently affiliated with the European space agency, ESA.

In addition, it is also UHasselt researcher Hannelore Bové, a young scientist getting into the eye to keep, according to Forbes. In her research, managed Bové erin soot particles in human samples such as blood or urine to detect.

In the category of trade, we find also a pair of twins Nederbelgen back. Joyce and Raissa de Haas, born in the Netherlands but on anderhalfjarige age moved to Antwerp, by Forbes in the spotlight as founding member of the softdrinkmerk Double Dutch.

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