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Ex-nieuwsanker Sigrid Spruyt: ‘it Was not at all allergic to make-up’

ff749492cab2dc6ffe6f5175c6077e79 - Ex-nieuwsanker Sigrid Spruyt: ‘it Was not at all allergic to make-up’

She was one of the leading ladies of the public broadcaster, but twelve years ago, Sigrid Spruyt the door of the VRT behind her back. An allergy to make-up was the statement. Up to now, in the presentation of her book in which she made her last six years at the VRT describes.

The weekly magazine Knack spoke with Spruyt as a result of her book, and told them the former nieuwsanker that the allergy is no more than a fallacy was made for her departure. “The real problem was a nieuwsallergie’, as it sounds. Especially one that, according to Spruyt, is caused by how the VRT news associates.

‘In the twenty years that I have worked, there has been a shift away from a political into a commercial straitjacket, ” says Spruyt to Knack. ‘This political straitjacket was not healthy, certainly not, but the commercial is, according to me is not healthy.’

Joe Van Holsbeek

The murder on Joe Van Holsbeek, in 2006, was for Spruyt a tipping point. The VRT reported when mistakenly that the perpetrators of Moroccans were. It would turn out Later that the Polish went. “I found that mind boggling. The bias of the street was here to briefly exalted.’ It was at that moment that Spruyt decided to stop. ‘I no longer wanted the sight of a journal that fuel supplies for polarization.’

It would still take a year before they really say good-bye.

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