Draft budget of the Spanish government rejected by parliament

491a90e710b82830d7250542c1047dc3 - Draft budget of the Spanish government rejected by parliament

In Spain is Wednesday the draft budget for 2019 of the socialist minority government of prime minister Pedro Sánchez voted out of office. A defeat that may be even up to new elections.

191 of the 350 members of parliament against the budget voted, compared with 158 votes for and one abstention.

The socialists have less than a quarter of the seats in the parliament, and had the support of smaller regional parties, including the Catalans, to the budget proposal it. The Catalan parties are, however, displeased with the refusal of the government to talk about a onafhankelijkheidsreferendum for their region. They voted, just like the conservatives, against.

Sánchez, who is just eight months as prime minister, left the parliament after the vote without a statement to be empty. In the press circulating in more 28 april as a possible date for early elections.

The Spanish stock market suffered losses after the vote, and also the difference between the Spanish and German interest rates rose further.

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