DNA of Jan Karbaat should be released

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DNA of the deceased fertiliteitsarts Jan Karbaat may be compared with that of adult donorkinderen. That has a court in Rotterdam recently decided.

The Dutchman Jan Karbaat ran for many years, the medical center Bijdorp in the Netherlands, where he was active as fertiliteitsarts. To actively, clearly, because there arose in recent years, more and more suspicions that he often women inseminated with his own sperm.

A year and a half ago, was there a first, indirect evidence provided: up to 18 adult donorkinderen that their DNA had to register with the KID database in the Netherlands, appear to be related to be a legitimate child of Jan Karbaat.

The doctor himself had always refused to allow himself to cooperate with DNA testing. He died in april 2017, at the age of 89. His fertility clinic in 2009 was already closed. Also the heirs do not want to cooperate.

But a judge in Rotterdam has just decided that they need to do. In 2017 is indeed a DNA-steel declined from Jan Karbaat, on the orders of a court in summary proceedings. That steel is kept in a safe deposit box at the notary.

The court now gives permission to the DNA of the claimants to compare with the DNA in the vault. Their interests to know whether it be of the doctor descended more weight than the interests of the widow and the heirs of Karbaat, that the wishes of the deceased doctor want respect.

The court also says that it is to a particular dispute, and that therefore no precedent is to the anonymity of all past donors to the lift. The position in which the treating physician, wrong is completely different than that of other men who had sperm of anonymous donors have assigned.

In the Netherlands, in 2004 the law changed, allowing anonymous donors is no longer possible. Donorkinderen which are born, can only hope for a DNA match using the KID database, which donorkinderen and former donors volunteered their DNA register.

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