‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ appears also in the Netherlands a monstersucces

The music film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, about the life and work of Queen singer Freddie Mercury, has in the Netherlands, more than 2 million visitors drawn. That has distributor 20th Century Fox announced yesterday. The global triumph of the film seems to be so also in our regions unstoppable.

Figures on the ticket sales in Belgium are not yet published, but our northern neighbours, the biopic already flavors, as is evident from the first numbers. If the Dutch public, an indicator may be, it looks also good for the succesfilm. It happens but rarely that cinema in the Netherlands, more than 2 million tickets are sold. The last title that this worked, was the Bond film ‘Spectre’ from 2015 (almost 2.2 million visitors). The last Dutch film which more than 2 million visitors attracted, was the comedy ‘Gooische vrouwen 2’ from 2014.

The best-attended cinema in the Netherlands of all times, remain for the time being ‘Gone with the Wind’ (over 3 million people in 1939), ‘Turkish delight’ (3.3 million in 1972), “Titanic” (3.4 million in 1998), ‘Irma la Douce’ (3.6 million in 1965) and “The Sound of Music’ (almost 4 million people in 1965). In Belgium, the ‘Titanic’, ‘Avatar’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ for the time being the absolute record holders.

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