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Austria’s Post-Test, dares with new Bitcoin vending machine – Coin Hero

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Austria’s Post-Test, dares with new Bitcoin vending machine

Home News Austrian Post dares to Test new Bitcoin vending machine

Matthias Nemack –

At the vending machine to buy Bitcoin or other crypto coins exchange? In Austria, this is now also with the cooperation of the Post.

Post relies on a well-known Partner

Also, if there is in Austria by the public authorities, as everywhere, warnings about the risks of digital currencies: Austrian Post is taking a test run with ATM for the purchase of crypto-currencies. More precisely: The Post relies on the cooperation with the company Kurant GmbH. This, in turn, is the first provider of ATMs, where customers could buy Bitcoin. The new pilot project will run in three cities: namely, in Linz, Bregenz and Salzburg. The vending machines are placed in local branches of the Post.

Not only is Bitcoin can be traded at the vending machine

The new approach followed basically what started the Austrian Post already some time ago. Customers can already purchase since longer coupons for the Vienna-based crypto stock exchange Bitpanda. This, in turn, can be on the platform, for example, for the Bitcoin or the exchange in Ethereum and Dash in the current value used buy. The decline in the price level of many digital currencies could not hold the Post, to respond to the growing enthusiasm of many citizens on the market for crypto-currencies. Vending machines are also available in various currencies can be sold and how the messages of the Post and of your partner.

Both partners and the population to benefit

For the operator the cooperation is equally a sign of confidence as well as a step for themselves, and in particular, the market for crypto-currencies as a whole. For consumers and investors, the new machines mean more comfort because you can now buy outside of the digital world reserves and sell – without access to mobile device with Internet access. Austrian Post once again indicates that we have explicitly chosen an already-established Partner. Austria follows in this regard, among other things, the example of the Czech Republic, where citizens also are longer in the crypto-currency ATM machines in Prague can visit.

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