Around the World with 80-year-old goes to Iceland

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On Thursday, February 14, swap the 80-year-olds, their airy zomerkledij for thick winteroutfits. Around the World with 80-year-olds – last week good for 806.000 viewers (live+5) – halts in Iceland. The temperature difference of 25° C takes a particularly zonneklopper Vital a major adjustment. “Iceland seems to be a little bit on Belgium: lots of sun I have not seen. I would like to see snow, but from behind a window”, what it sounds like. Willy gets it in Iceland a lot warmer. As a cousin of motorcrosser Eric Geboers is the passion for speed in his blood. He is by Sieg surprised with an adventurous trip to the most famous volcano of Iceland: Eyjafjallajökull.

Also the rest of the group seems to be that the cold is quickly forgotten. On one of the many Icelandic glaciers, the 80-year-olds back to their childhood for decades. With a frightened heart, or not: all sleds with a big smile from the high slopes. During a boat trip to spot the group for the first time in their life puffins – typical Icelandic birds and they learn kabeljauwvissen. The impressive Strokkur geyser makes for unforgettable landscapes. Once in the hotel, the newly forged friendships a little bit on the test. Because, for the first time in years, sharing a room with someone else is not so conducive to sleep…

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