Are Deborah and Tim back a couple?

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Tuesday night had Goedele Liekens Deborah Leemans and Tim Wauters and guest in Temptation and Take Off. This Friday starts the new season of Temptation Island and, therefore, may be looked back on one of the most pain-seasons of the past years has become. Tim stole the show during the episodes of Temptation Island. That he Deborah in Thailand pain has done, that is obvious. Their relationship ended after four years on the cliffs. Deborah, meanwhile, has a few dates behind your back but are on nothing will print. Tim on the other hand had some scharrels and would now again have someone with whom he is. In Tv Family in a hurry, the playboy of Aalst itself to make it clear that he and his partner could not have had sexual intercourse. Deborah and Tim were wed night in one and the same seat at Temptation Take-Off. The love of Deborah, for Tim it was great, but since their break-up, they had no more contact. Meanwhile, there is a lot of water to the sea flowed and Deborah one and another. The hate for Tim is gone, but that does not mean that everything Tim mispeuterd has forgiven and forgotten. Tim is greatly changed. “I’m much calmer and I think many more after. Life is different suddenly than just the onnozelaar to hang out”, be aware of Tim now. Too late actually, because Deborah is he by his participation in Temptation Island, however, kwijtgespeeld. Tim, his deeds are not good to talk, and he is doing one year after the date of the is still not. Earlier he said that between 500 and 700 bedpartners has had in his young age, today he wants such figures are not more repeat. ‘There are enough. But between five and seven hundred, that’s a bit exaggerated’, he told us in Temptation and Take Off. In spite of everything there a year ago in Thailand, Goedele still love between Deborah and Tim. Remarkably enough, does not of both the effort to contradict them. Deborah indicates that if Tim had done, they may, however, return a couple would be. “But that he had a year ago have to do,” laughs Deborah. Tim sent Deborah a pack of messages, without result. “But messages do not help, that he also knows”, responded Deborah. “If he knew me so well, he knew that he was every day at my door had to face or write a letter and struggling to do so.” And did Tim not. “I saw him like, he knows that also. Otherwise, I would also not have collapsed,” says Deborah, while she and Tim make eye contact. “So yes, perhaps”, Deborah continues. The sparkles in the eyes of Deborah, are Goedele not be missed. “I find it very weird, but I see really still love between you two. I was totally not prepared for that”, is going to affect her further. It would not surprise us if we soon effectively be able to report that Deborah and Tim back a couple.

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