Africa film Festival puts South Africa and Ghana in the spotlight

The 24th edition of the African film Festival puts South Africa and Ghana in the spotlight. From 26 april to 11 may in Leuven, more than 100 films and organise all sorts of activities. Also in about 40 other cities and towns in our country, in the framework of the festival in that period films.

As a result of the fact that South Africa exactly 25 years ago, a democratic country, during the festival, eight films will be shown which give an idea about the contemporary film culture in the Regenboognatie. Also from Ghana, during the festival a number of film screened with high-quality and refreshing stories.

Opener of the festival in Leuven on april 26, is the premiere of the Icelandic-Swedish-Belgian film ‘And Breath Normally’ of Isold Uggadottir is about two women, one grensbewaakster from the airport and the other a refugee from Guinea-Bissau whose passport is not in order. On 11 may, and is concluded with the Tunisian film ‘Weldi’ by Mohamed Ben Attia about the quest of a father to a son who to Syria is gone.

The film festival brings, and as always, also other forms of art in the viewer. So, for example, on the eve in the Garage in Leuven, belgium, a fashion show organised by designers from Tanzania, South Africa and Belgium. The annual international conference focuses on the manner in which the African woman in the African and European media, arts and culture on offer. There are during the festival various awards were presented.

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