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Why you tonight to ‘Studio Tarara’ must watch

‘Studio Tarara’ announces itself promising. It would, however, agree that VTM from tonight a new ‘Clan’ to tackle. Six reasons why ‘Studio Tarara’ tonight at 20.35 hours on tv worth viewing.

1. It is created by Tim Van Aelst

After Benidorm Bastards, What if?, Safety first and How will I say this? Tim Van Aelst has become a known name in the Flemish tv-world. He is the hint …

1. It is created by Tim Van Aelst

After Benidorm Bastards, What if?, Safety first and How will I say this? Tim Van Aelst has become a known name in the Flemish tv-world. He is the hint of VTM. His production house Shelter, in the meantime, all three International Emmy’s in the cabinet. Only one false note after – the movie Safety first – know Van Aelst kijkcijfersuccessen in the market and in one fell swoop, critical viewers to convince. Van Aelst chokes rarely in overconfidence. If he does, can he make it. His secret? Hard work, surrounding himself with talented people and step by step grow. Van Aelst began with a verborgencameraprogramma that there are actual out put (Benidorm Bastards). He then made with What If? fiction in small portions in order with Safety first , to grow to a comedy series with episodes of about half an hour. Only after all these steps comes From Aelst now with a full-fledged dramareeks. He wrote Studio Tarara together with her partner the route, David Vennix, who also was already involved in What if? and Safety first.

2. The cast is top

Koen De Graeve plays the liquor and drug addict actor Ricky, Ruth Beeckmans, his sex-addict colleague, Sandra. Peter Van den Begin is the lusting for power, pervert Jean. But Frances Lefebure and Geert Van Rampelberg play the tiles of the roof. A few new faces to arouse curiosity: theatre actress and stand-upcomedian Janne Desmet, for example. A man wondered how Lauren Versnick (daughter of Lynn Wesenbeek and sweetheart of Jens Dendoncker) it will bring.

3. It is not to laugh (or yet)

Studio Tarara is not a comedy series, but a whodunit. It all begins with a mysterious suicide on the Medialaan 1. Who died, what exactly happened and why: which questions are the engine of the series. But still, at the same time, that we our during that hellish ride will entertain. There is humour, because everything happens behind the scenes of a fictional sketchshow anno 1993. But a BV who is in a coma drunk at a drankspelletje in the backdrop of The wheel of fortune? It suggests that all that drama is also plenty of humor involved.

4. There is a kwak nostalgia over it

Nostalgia is hip in tv-land. We tend gradually to an overdose, but if it really is done properly – as in Stranger things – we can’t get enough of it. And yes, Studio Tarara seems to be more than a superficial ode to the perfect geföhnde heads, puffed sleeves and brightly colored loose chemisiers. To start with, we are looking forward to the music: Van Aelst is known to have excellent musical choices to make in his tv programs. And with this dramareeks wants VTM also talk about themselves. The series fits into the programming around the thirtieth anniversary of the commercial channel. Studio Tarara takes place in the early years of the commercial adventure: 1993. In the best case, a sharp portrait of a bygone tv-period.

Fun is also how the marketing department of VTM to respond to that hip heimweekramp to the nineties, popular culture (music, fashion, and tv), at this time dominates. Journalists and influencers got an old VHS-cassette sent with the first delivery. Thirties and forties look because of the time, teenagers since the nineties and the aesthetic from then all the way back again.

5. It is behind the scenes

If one main character is addicted to drink and drugs and another to sex, we suspect that Tim Van Aelst are research well done. Okay, everything is fictional, but with a bit of luck, sketch Studio Tarara finally get a revealing picture of the Flemish tv-world and its celebrities – who are at once traditional and glamorous. Tv-creators who have the psyche of Flemish celebrities know to summarize: we are waiting there for years. The question is whether Van Aelst’s artistic freedom has got to be the focus.

6. There is a #Metoo-story

Studio Tarara is the first Flemish fiction series in which Metoo an explicit theme. That while VTM and women in the past, all too often, no perfect marriage proved to be. Recently collected The Newspaper in his magazine four VTM-women that are prematurely discarded because of too old for the screen. Among others, Lynn Wesenbeek and Nadine De Sloovere covered in the magazine are their unfortunate exit at VTM again with the mantle of love. It had hurt, but was now processed again. Experienced ladies are the.

Pokes VTM with Studio Tarara finally the hand in his own bosom? When tv-maker Bart De Pauw in 2017 at the VRT at the door was set, and the American discussion also Flanders flooded Van Aelst substantially proposition taken against abuse of power on and off the set. He then gave that he the in Studio Tarara on cross-border behavior would have. The debate has become so polarized hit, that such a behaviour show, in a fiction series, perhaps the perfect way to bring it back to its true proportions. There is not more of it, but also not less. We are, in any case, can’t wait to see.

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