Why Steven Van Herreweghe said goodbye to his crest

7ab670a13b84a35f9eec9651a315f4ec - Why Steven Van Herreweghe said goodbye to his crest

Steven Van Herreweghe is back with a new season of “the public interest”. The program still follows the same pattern, but the crested, Steven, who turns out to have been lost in the archive…

For many years, was his crest the trademark of presenter Steven Van Herreweghe. But as long as he was that crested tired. However, considering Steven never get a different hairstyle because the crest is really a part of his person had become. Ultimately, it was his wife that him for a fool said: “If your personality depends on your crest,” called his wife to him. And during a weekend trip to Amsterdam was to give himself the crest is omitted, since there was no one who knew him… But the first time was not without a hitch: “You can’t believe how insecure I was,” reveals Steven Van Herreweghe in Day All. But once you get used to it, it felt really like a liberation. The crest will therefore not immediately making a comeback. The crest was originally a idea of the same barber as that of Jeroen Meus and Roel Vanderstukken. It is remarkable how similar our styles were, says the presenter.

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