Violent demonstrations put Haiti for the fifth day in a row, lamb

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Protesters that the Haitian president Jovenel Moïse calls to steps Monday for the fifth day in a row on the street come. Large parts of the country were thus paralysed.

Several neighborhoods in the capital, Port-au-Prince were inaccessible for traffic after protesters roads were blocked, reports the news agency HPN.

From the slums of Cité Soleil left hundreds of demonstrators to the centre of the city. “We demand the departure of the president. He has changed nothing, ” she said.

Due to the ongoing demonstrations are trade, education and public transport in the Caribbean country paralysed. The protesters cross barricades on fire and the police put tear gas at the protesters to disperse. According to unconfirmed reports should be at least five people all to the life to come.

The protesters are protesting since Thursday. They blame the government money from an emergency fund embezzled. That actually had to serve for reconstruction after the devastating earthquake in 2010. It came to hundreds of thousands of people to life.

Haiti is considered the poorest country in the western hemisphere. The state is largely dependent on foreign aid. Besides, corruption is also a crime with violence is a big problem in Haiti.

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