Trump is not satisfied with compromise on wall, but don’t expect ‘shutdown’

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The American president Donald Trump has said on Tuesday that he is not satisfied with the compromise of the Republican and Democratic negotiators on the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico. However, he believes that there are no new shutdown.

“I do not think that we have a “shutdown”,” the president said at the White House. Donald Trump is not happy about the compromise, that only a fraction of the budget includes that for the construction of the wall demands to clandestine migration. But he confesses that he is married to other sources of funding could be found. ‘We’re going to the wall finishing, ” he said.

Republican and Democratic senators to a tentative agreement in principle on the budget. Thus, a second shutdown will be avoided. According to the first reports would be in the agreement involve the construction of a fence of eur 1.375 billion dollars.


For Friday 15 February, there had to be an agreement about the budget, otherwise the government would again partially in shutdown. That means that hundreds of thousands of civil servants have to go to work without being paid or obligated to have to stay home.

On 25 January reached both parties after 35 days, a temporary agreement about the end of the shutdown. President Trump warned when a new shutdown, if the Democrats do not agree with his requested funding for the limes wall.

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