‘Trio’ from tomorrow to see it in the cinema

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From tomorrow, the Flemish film ‘Trio’ in the cinema screens can be viewed. The characters of Ruth Beeckmans, Bruno Vanden Broecke and Matteo Simoni presented yesterday the film in Kinepolis Antwerp.

The name ‘Trio’ appears to already be well-chosen. The acteursdrietal Beeckmans, Simoni and Vanden Broecke (see the pictures on the set of ‘Safety First’ with colleague Ben Segers) took not only the entire production in his hands, the three are also the only actors in the movie. Their characters are venturing in addition to a different kind of threesome.

The film follows namely the story of Wim (Vanden Broecke), a bookkeeper, neurotic and loner who is already with a depression struggles. His half-brother and cousin Gert (Simoni) tries to comfort him with a not so everyday gift. Lise (Beeckmans), a grofgebekte escort, in Wim long lost feelings. There arises, however, a rivalry between the brothers when Gert intrigued hit by Lise.

The film, which is starting tomorrow in the cinema, is based on the play ‘the Bonding’ of Stefaan van Brabandt. Simoni, Beeckmans, and Vanden Broecke toured a few years back by the country with the play. There, they cherished the idea for making a movie.

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