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Thierry Neuville could follow in Rally of Sweden: “I can’t wait to start”

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Next Thursday is going to in the Swedish Torsby in the rally Sweden, the 2nd of a total of 14 races that count for the world CHAMPIONSHIP rally. Sweden is the only rally of the championship on a snow-covered track is being driven and where nagelbanden are allowed. The rally of Sweden starts Thursday with a showetappe of 1.9 km in Karlstad. From Thursday to Sunday, the participants 316.8 competitive kilometers for the wheels pushed spread over 19 klassementsritten. The rally ends Sunday afternoon with the powerstage.

The rally Sweden is an outsider of the championship. Racing at high speeds, leaning against sneeuwmuren and sliding on snow and ice with narrow tires with studs on the exterior 6.5 mm long. Last year won by Thierry Neuville (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC) this contest. After a promising opening race in Monte Carlo with Neuville, Ogier (Citroen C3 WRC) and Tänak (Toyota Yaris WRC) in front of the same names expected with in their wake a string of outsiders with Latvala (Toyota Yaris WRC), Meeke (Toyota Yaris WRC), Lappi (Citroen C3 WRC) and Loeb (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC).

The rally of Sweden from 1973 to 2003, dominated by Scandinaven. Sébastien Loeb was in 2004 the first non Scandinaaf that the rally of Sweden managed to win. Loeb received in 2013 following the of Ogier, the rally also in 2015 and 2016 would win. Last year won by Thierry Neuville. He is only the third non Scandinaaf that manages to be the rally of Sweden win.

“In the past years we were always competitive with the highlight being our victory last year”, explained the Oostkantonner. “We then rode a perfect race in ideal conditions. There was a lot of snow, which it is not easy for the first two riders. Our car is in this kind of circumstances very well to his right. In the Monte Carlo we were competitive. I can’t wait to be in Sweden to start. We are going to have the potential to completely try to use to our first match of the season to try to win. We know that our rivals are strong for the day will come, but that will re-create the full season to be the case. So We need only to look at ourselves and focus on our job.”

Ogier must restart the first job on: “the Price you pay when you are in Monaco to win”

Sébastien Ogier (Citroen C3 WRC) had last year in the rally of Sweden as world cup leader as the first on the track with the track Ott Tänak (Toyota Yaris WRC). Both riders were on the opening day a lot of snow clean up and ended up eventually respectively as 10th and 9th. This year Ogier again as a first job. Thierry Neuville (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC) start as a second, Tänak as the third.

Sébastien Ogier began in January for the 6th time in a row at the Monte Carlo. For the Frenchman, it was his 45th world cup victory, the 100th for his employer that this year’s 100th birthday. Win in Monte-Carlo, means that you as a world CHAMPIONSHIP leader first on the road should be in Sweden. “The rally Sweden is a fantastic rally”, opened Ogier. “Last year it was not easy for us to be the first job to have. That is the price you have to pay when you the Monte Carlo wins. In the first passage, there is a layer of snow on the ice. We must wait and see how the rides there during the second passage at will. I fear that in some places the gravel through the ice will come.”

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