Thief is going to get with 400 year old bonsai

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In the Japanese prefecture of Saitama was for more than € 100,000 in bonsai trees stolen. The loot included a 400-year-old Shimpaku Juniper for bonsai enthusiasts are a rare and highly sought after tree.

For the owner of the tree, Seiji Limura, will feel the roof as the loss of a child. The bonsai-cult for the Japanese more than a glorified form of flower arranging: it is a centuries-old art form.

The ideal of the bonsai is to be a miniatuurboom to grow there, of course, and looks old. To that result, there are a lot of techniques available. In addition to the traditional pruning, is the manipulation of the shape with steel wires a way to get your own key to the whole. Also scraping off the bark, to the tree that typical weathered look, appears to be a popular method.

‘Enough water’

Because the trees are slow to grow, is the edit of it is a work of long breath. The craft is handed down from generation to generation. Limura is itself a member of a family of bonsai masters who more than 150 years back.

It is no scoop that thieves specifically on this kind of trees have coined. It turns out there’s actually a black market for the small works of art to exist. The world in which the stolen goods are circulating, it is so small that finding the pieces is no big problem. Yet succeed, few victims inside their property, is actually to recover.

Limura regrets the loss of the apple of his eye, but hopes that the tree with care. His message for the thief? Do not forget plenty of water.

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