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The boy who did not was to be

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Eye-catcher Kevin Pauwels put point behind his career as a cyclist

The boy who did not was to be

Kevin Pauwels (34), drive within two weeks in Oostmalle his last game ever. “I can’t bear it anymore,” says Kempenaar.

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Kevin Pauwels (right, Saturday in Lille) gets out competition: if you win, do not. Goyvaerts/gmax Agency

Eye-catcher Kevin Pauwels put point behind his career as a cyclist

The boy who did not was to be

Kevin Pauwels (34), drive within two weeks in Oostmalle his last game ever. “I can’t bear it anymore,” says Kempenaar.


Guy Van den Langenbergh

BrusselOver the legacy of Kevin Pauwels is discussed. Two-time world champion in junior, two-time winner of the world cup, five times on the podium of a world championship, although never as the winner. Yet it need not be doubted: Kevin Pauwels has its place in the history book of the veldritsport deserved.

The gift of the word had Pauwels not, the gift of the bikes more. Unfortunately he was in his thirteen year old pro career is more settled on his first gift to what it is all about, the performance. A zillion times we have Kevin Pauwels interviewed, tig times we were walking sent with short answers. This caused him to rarely big stories in the newspaper, what of him could not hurt. The head of Kevin Pauwels did not understand, at least not by the journalist, how often he or she tried. And that had a reason.

Painful history

The life of the family Pauwels was marked by drama. Father Jos was in his young years in addition to was also a gifted hobbycrosser. Two times he is selected for a world championship. One selection he refuses, because there were already pigs to take care of. The other time he called them, Roger De Vlaeminck is a world champion. Jos married with Mieke. In 1973 he drives on the way to a cyclocross full under a bus. His wife, barely 22 years old, and sister-in-law survive the blow. The impact of the accident is large. The pig farmer from Kalmthout will sport the back. It takes a long time before Jos decides to go career. He learns there are second wife to know, José. Warm people, always ready for a chat.

His ‘reputation’ as the silent, brave little boy to play him his entire career tricks

Jos and Jose have two sons: Tim and the two years younger, Kevin. The two are the same number of hands, arguing they do not. If following in the footsteps of father Tim begins to scoot, follow the Kevin soon. And with success. In 2002, he was in the Attic, world champion cyclocross for juniors, on 31 January 2004 he deserves in Pontchateau same jersey at the promises. The young Pauwels impresses, he combines technique, strength and seems to be a great future.

Death of brother Tim

A few months later, fate stroke again for the family Pauwels. The introvert Kevin is barely twenty years old when his older brother dies during a race in Erpe-Mere. A blood vessel rupture, two weeks after he during a cross in Ash is already a notice had been given.

For Kevin Pauwels it was brother Tim’s example, a mainstay also. The naturally taciturn Kevin hit even more turned in on itself. He himself shall never about Tim’s talk, but the death of his brother has him signed. But what many feared – that Kevin would be lost to the sport – does not happen. Talk does he hardly, hard cycling more. For a reason, he is looking for not far away: it is crosses or pig farmer, in the company of father Jos. That never, even though Kevin his entire career just live at home, with a view of the stables.

Stellar 2011

His first season as a pro is not an instant success. Only when he streekgenoot Marc Herremans as a coach is engaged, the sporty also increasingly better. The Druivencross in Overijse will be in 2008, his first victory in the pros. The head is off. After the tumultuous transition from the team of Hans Van Kasteren to that of Jurgen Mettepenningen in 2011, wins Pauwels no less than eleven races and he stabs both the overall standings of the world Cup as the GvA-Trophy in the bag. The acquisition of the power that everyone expected, there will eventually not. Kevin Pauwels will be a long time is a determining factor, but never reaches the level of 2011.

Incident with Van Aert

Pauwels stribbelt against, and his entourage want to the fire burning keep. How else to explain that the ‘silent’ Kempenaar during the run-up to the world cup in Bieles, suddenly a document of a pool on Twitter throws at a time when rival Wout van Aert with the knee troubles. The introvert Pauwels, suddenly the Belgian camp turned upside down, it corresponded not.

His ‘reputation’ as the silent, brave little boy, playing him his whole career issue. If he wins, has cost? We don’t think so! Where necessary, could also Pauwels the elbow.

Over the past two seasons brought no more what Pauwels expected it to be. He has troubles chronically with the back, but it must be especially experienced by the younger generation from the first second of the race the throttle fully opened. The Kalmthoutenaar fog consistently start, halfway through the race, still under steam, to finish in a place between number five and ten. Just therefore stops Kevin Pauwels later with crosses. His body and other language never spoke clear ambitions, but also Kevin Pauwels wanted to win. If not, do not.

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