The awkward moment of Temptation Deborah

cab7c69d62456b9e11b3baeef065d239 - The awkward moment of Temptation Deborah

A good year ago, we got Deborah and Tim for the first time in Temptation Island. The couple was at that time four years together and wanted their band to the ultimate relatietest topics. Tim was so sure of his piece that he and his Deborah wanted to get married but soon went wrong, seriously wrong. A relationship was soon no more. Tim had Deborah seriously hurt by several strange and the meuse, was therefore filled. Deborah and Tim were one and the same door, until this week. Deborah and Tim are tonight in Temptation Takeoff to see the program that the new season of Temptation Island started to draw. In that program looks Goedele back on the still controversial previous season. And the miracle happened: Deborah and Tim sit together and even next to each other in one and the same program. There is meanwhile a lot of water to the sea shed. The deep wound that Tim has beaten is a bit less deep has become and She is tackling became stronger. For that reason, they agreed to with Tim in one and the same program. “It was a bit awkward. It’s very strange. But we are not to live or so. A couple we are never more, but we can be friends again, each other greet”, responding in All.

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