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Telenet launches Yugo subscription without a decoder

Numerous, they are not yet real, but also in Flanders, there are more and more people who have a traditional tv subscription no need to find it. They have perhaps not even a tv set, but pick up like a international or Flemish topserie on their smartphone. For those people, Telenet has now a separate subscription: Yugo.

The percentage of people with a digital tv subscription drops slowly, it appeared last week out of the figures of the Digimeter: from 86% in 2015, 83% now. Telenet, which is still chiefly associated with such a traditional tv subscription, will apparently no longer be seen. The new Telenet Yugo subscription is focused on the small but growing group that has such a subscription is unnecessary.

Yugo combines a fixed internet subscription, two mobile subscriptions (each with 20 gb of data and 150 calling minutes), 20 tv channels (live and up to 7 days delayed) and the Telenet Play offer of films and series (including HBO series like Game of thrones), for 100 euro per month.

With that offer, hopes to Telenet customers to retain (or attract) which are hardly ever to live television, and for whom the smartphone is the primary screen. Customers who otherwise inclined would be able to Telenet to say goodbye, so. ‘This is not yet a mass market, ” said Telenet ceo John Porter with the presentation of the new formula. “But there is time for that.’


Watch Tv without a decoder, means that a few compromises are necessary. You look through the Yugo app. If you want to agree on a large screen look, then you need the video to your tv streaming via Chromecast or Apple TV. Programs recording is not possible, at least not on your own device. You can set up a broadcast 60 days in which to ‘save’ on the servers of Telenet, but after that 60 days disappears the program is irrevocable.

What is also missing is the usual range of digital cable channels. You have to make do with 20 channels: the Flemish channels VRT, Medialaan and SBS, plus a few examples of Vice, Discovery, MTV, and Fox. But the formula also has benefits. Who a Yugo subscription, can be unlimited to tv, and to the series to Play through a mobile connection, without that this goes off of its 20 GB data limit.

According to Telenet will the Yugo range in the future have to evolve. So the chances are that there will, in cooperation with the stations, will be experimented with personalized advertising.

For the time being, However, only a smartphone app, on iPhone and Android. That will be starting next week Tuesday are available. Later there is also a website and a tablet version of the app.

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