Striking remark of Luc Appermont cut from 30 years, VTM-show

9db48a71f1f5d384b00108a8869981c0 - Striking remark of Luc Appermont cut from 30 years, VTM-show

Luc Appermont if the verjaardagshow around 30 years, VTM present and looks in spite of that he by the commercial broadcaster in 2006 on the side was pushed back positively on his time at VTM. Especially the period with Mike Verdrengh and Guido Depraetere he will never forget.

Guido Depraetere wanted Luc Appermont that continue the VRT worked happily to VTM lure and did this appeal to Lucs partner Bart Kaëll who already had at VTM, the Mini Playbackshow presented. But Bart Kaëll was clear in his response to Guido: “That Luc never do. Luc is there a lot to reside here for,” but Guido kept on insisting. Eventually told Bart Kaëll to his partner Luc Appermont that VTM was with him wanted to talk. And Luc was against all expectations, immediately very enthusiastic.

“That call actually came at a good time,” says Luc Appermont in Day All. The presenter was only forty become and had after two seasons of “Observatory” few new prospects for the VRT. And the proposal that Mike and Guido made him immediately was promising. “Mike proposed to me at once two programs for it,” recalls Luc about that first conversation. Venture and a own talk show, ‘Luc’. A great prospect, but still had Luc also difficult to say goodbye to the former BRT.

As a “faithful dog” had Luc’s especially hard for the confrontation. With a small heart he went finally to his boss, Cas Goossens, and who had immediately understanding for his situation and told that the door is always open. And Luc had, of course, another reason to be in the range of VTM…

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