Paul Severs on Yesterdayland

a6fb1f9d3e6098b2d0ca36549494d32b - Paul Severs on Yesterdayland

On Sunday 24 August, you can in Bobbejaanland to the third edition of Yesterdayland. The event with music of the past, attracts every year a lot of people to the amusement park. A lot of musical highlights from over the years 60,70, 80 and also a bit from the 90’s are there on Sunday on various stages. The Trammps are there this year definitely, but we were also given the name of a Flemish artist to tackle and that is Paul Severs. Paul will be on the 24th of August some of his greatest hits on Yesterdayland. More names to follow very soon. Tickets via .

Text: Joris Bulckens

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