Pano talk with prince Laurent

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The letter of prince Laurent of belgium to premier Michel did created a buzz of attention. The prince complains that the government did not give him has helped to the money from his vzw to recover. Money he credit of Libya, after that country a contract opzegde for a bebossingsproject of the non-profit of the prince. “That was the project of my life. I even wanted in Tripoli are going to live,” says the prince. But now he crosses all his time in his legal battle.
Prince Laurent talks. In The Pano. About his passions and his motivations. About his anger and disappointment. The enfant terrible try the typecasting to transcend. At the same time looking for Pano out what really happened with the capital of Qadhafi in Belgium. Regrettable misunderstandings, or are there pots covered?

Unique to this report is also that VRT and RTBF joined forces: journalists Wim Van den Eynde and Maité Warland have their entire research conducted.
The result is at the same time to see in the Pano and Questions à la Une. And also that is a first.
The battle of prince Laurent of belgium – in Pano on Wednesday 13 February at 21.25 pm. on One

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