Niels Destadsbader reveals plans for 2019

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Niels Destadsbader started 2019 with a vast amount of MIA’s. A whopping 5 of his 7 nominations, he managed to redeem and this seems to Niels the boerenjaar 2018 just to continue in 2019. But the bar is already very high. What are Niels’ plans?

Everyone thought that Niels Destadsbader in 2018, however, are attained. Better yet not more? But he then goes on to the beginning of 2019, immediately with five MIA’s home and you realize that the hype around Niels yet, not going to lie. Niels Destadsbader went home with a MIA for the following categories: ‘Album’, ‘Folk’, ‘Pop’, ‘Solo man’ and ‘Flemish popular’. No consolation prizes with other words. And Niels admits that he is very greedy in life and even more want to. “I had hoped to have half of my seven nominations to be able to redeem and that is more than successful,” explains the hint in the Story. “I know that you are not greedy in life, but I am that.”

Niels Destadsbader also admitted that he was disappointed would have been if he had but two or three MIA’s have won after being in seven categories was nominated. That was also the reason why he was so nervous before the show. “Everyone assumed that I, with much prices you go home,” says Niels, and the pressure was still on his shoulders. One MIA out for Niels really stood out. The MIA for album of the year, Niels the best. Not only the best selling, but also simply “the best” album of 2018. “That gives an extra boost to a third good album,” says Niels. And the pressure is high to the plate quickly to get it off…

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