New shutdown seems to be avoided: no wall, but a fence

dec24a26050d49bdf9286cae748c403c - New shutdown seems to be avoided: no wall, but a fence

Republican and Democratic senators to a tentative agreement in principle on the budget. Thus, a second shutdown will be avoided. According to the first reports would be in the agreement involve the construction of a fence of eur 1.375 billion dollars.

A group of senators, including both Democrats and Republicans, made after negotiations, announced that they reached an agreement. They wanted, however, not provide details. “We have an agreement on everything”, said Republican senator Richard Shelby, according to CNN.

It was not clear whether and how it is responsive to the requirement of president Trump to also make money available for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico. But according to several American media there is no wall, a fence of 80 km on the border between Texas and Mexico.

Cost: eur 1.375 billion instead of us $ 5.7 billion, the amount president Trump wanted to spend on the wall.

Obliged to stay at home

For Friday 15 February, there had to be an agreement about the budget, otherwise the government would again partially in shutdown. That means that hundreds of thousands of civil servants have to go to work without being paid or obligated to have to stay home.

On 25 January reached both parties after 35 days, a temporary agreement about the end of the shutdown. President Trump warned when a new shutdown, if the Democrats do not agree with his requested funding for the limes wall.

‘Wall, anyway,’

Shortly after, in Washington, the agreement in principle was reached, president Trump a speech in the Texas border city of El Paso. He pleaded once again for the construction of the wall, which, according to him, ” Americans can protect against violent criminals, drugs and the ‘massive attacks’ of migrantenkaravaans’.

Trump also said that he had heard of a chord just before he started his speech, but the details he gave. “I want you to know, that wall is there anyway,” said Trump. ‘Perhaps there is in Washington making progress, but maybe not.’

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