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Monero announces Hard Fork for the 09. March to Coin Hero

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Monero announces Hard Fork for the 09. March

Home News Monero announces Hard Fork for the 09. March

Marcus Misiak –

Monero (XMR), the three tenth-largest Cryptocurrency by market capitalisation, will experience in a month for the next Hard Fork. As the Monero Team, announced recently, is the Hard Fork at Block #1.788.000 and 9. March 2019 to take place.

After much Deliberation and Protest from the Community, the Monero development team implemented in April 2018, for the first time, the ASICs prohibition within the XMR network through a Hard Fork, after Bitmain had published a specifically for Monero developed Antminer X3 and announced at the same time, to change the Proof-of-Work protocols several times a year, to get the ASIC-resistance is Maintained. The former Anti-ASIC Fork came just in time, as Bitmain, the crypto-mining giant, the X3-Miner brought a few weeks earlier on the market. The Hashrate of Monero fell in the days following the Fork of 1,000 mega hashes to 150 mega hashes. The second Hard Fork in 2018 came in October, and enabled scaling solution that “bullet proofs”.

According to a recent Reddit Post from the self-proclaimed “ASIC Bricker”, Sech1, have confirmed the developers of Monero, that the next step is to prevent the proliferation of ASICs at Block 1.788.000 is activated. In a group discussion, the developer Moneromoo informed that the Fork is activated on the 0.13 branch of the project, so that in addition to the updated PoW-System, no significant new Features will be enabled. Sech1 explained on Reddit:

<moneromooo> So, we fork us in 4 weeks. Block 1.788.000. CNv4 is not yet complete, but will be finished hopefully soon. <moneromooo> so If you are a dealer/stock exchange/are, etc., then please plan in a timely manner.

A Reddit User with the Synonym “Samsung galaxy player”, explained the upcoming Changes:

Apparently, the Fork will take place from the current 0.13-Code as little as possible. A couple of Changes to the standard payment ID, a new adaptive block size algorithm, new notifications, and the new Mining algorithm. I don’t know when the 0.14-Code is used.

This announcement came upon the consent of some members of the Monero community. This was mainly due to the fact that the decision was initially made by the developers in a private Chat. In addition, the announcement of the postponement of the originally proposed Changes to a later, not discussed the appointment of the members was frowned upon. SamsungGalaxyPlayerm wrote:

The core team decided to move all of the other functions on an unknown date, the ASIC will turn off and block to size changes in the past. This action was not discussed or are well known to the General Public, and this is the first Time that this species has taken place of action in recent memory. Other Upgrades followed a more familiar pattern, before they were announced.

To on this subject said FluffyPonyza aka Riccardo Spagni, the lead developer of Monero:

I agree – this is wrong and should be fixed.

On the allegation of a Reddit user, that the people had become the Monero community, “victim of the developer’s agenda,” said Riccardo Spagni:

You should be “victim of the developers agenda” – if you don’t like what the over 500 participants to do a set of different developers – but the developers should not have a decision imposed. We had a good discussion in #monero-dev, and have found a good way, with the support of people who have contributed Code, without restriction.

The decision to place the center of gravity of the Forks on the ASIC resistance, it could also relate to the current investigation of the “MoneroCrusher”, a pseudonym analysts. His investigation revealed that at present, 85% of the current XMR Mining Power by ASICs. In a Medium published study from the Analyst claimed that in the last few months in Monero blocks shown in Nonce-point pattern, to the fact that a considerable number of ASICs were eliminated. In fact, he came to the conclusion that currently about 5,400 piece of specialized ASICs for a large proportion of the mining of Monero responsible. This number could be reduced with the new Fork again.

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