May: ‘Brexit-deal that parliament can support is possible for deadline’

62825b1b74d842a8ff3b56bf89e50dee - May: ‘Brexit-deal that parliament can support is possible for deadline’

British prime minister Theresa May believes that it is still possible for Great Britain on 29 march from the European Union. That said May in the Parliament. The prime minister wants the British, however, still not in the customs union.

British prime minister Theresa May came Tuesday to the British Parliament to the progress made in the negotiations with the European Union the Brexit to explain. This repeated May that they are not in favour of is to the United Kingdom permanently in the customs union, such as the Labour Jeremy Corbyn last week suggested.

“The negotiations are in a crucial phase and now we all need to remain calm, so we can have the adjustments that this Parliament wants and we the Brexit on time to be able to handle’ warned May.

“If we make the necessary changes to be able to bring in regards to the (Irish) backstop, we the rights of the workers can protect and extend the necessary environmental protection-care and we the role of the Parliament in the next phase of the negotiations to be able to expand, I believe that a deal can be reached that this Parliament can support’, decided the British prime minister.

May also want broad support of the Parliament, on the partijgrenzen. ‘It is in the interest of this Parliament, and in the interest of further legislation (for the preparation of the Brexit), that we are a strong yes-vote in the whole Parliament.’

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