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Knack Roeselare celebrates bekerwinst in a very striking way

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Knack Roeselare won last Sunday for the fourth time in a row the Cup of Belgium in the volleyball and that celebrated the players on a at least a playful way.

Captain Hendrik Tuerlinckx sent after the match a somewhat bizarre kleedkamerfilmpje the world in which the players of Knack Roeselare is if animals existed. What the scene exactly was supposed to be, in the beginning, was not entirely clear, but at the end, the pieces of the puzzle together. Tuerlinckx has also to Play Sports explains what happens in the movie.

The bekerkampioenen played the famous moment from The Lion King where the newborn cub Simba to the animal kingdom, is presented. At the end of the video the cup, with custom music, as if it were Simba in the air stung on his Rafiki’s baptized with beer. The players played the elephants and giraffes.

Nice detail: between the finale of the men and women in the antwerp sportpaleis a ” Lion King Cam’, a variant of the ‘Kiss Cam’. Supporters who on the big screen appeared, had to be the moment from the movie to re-enact in place of each other to kiss and it brought some hilarious images.

Here’s how Knack Roeselare the fourth cup in a row fourth. Tip: turn your sound on.

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4th cup in a row… why not ???????. ????????

A message shared by Hendrik Tuerlinckx (@hendriktuerlinckx) on 10 Feb 2019 at 8:16 (PST)

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