Katy Perry stops selling controversial shoes

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After fierce criticism from the black community has singer Katy Perry decided to make some garments from the racks to pick up. It is a few blackface-shoes, which, according to many, not by the bracket. The large eyes and red lips would make you think of the racist blackface caricature.

The conscious shoes of the singer will now disappear from the range. Among other things, the models ‘Ora Face Block Heel Sandal (with heel) and Rue Face Slip On Loafers” (without heel) are as racist considered. The black shoes have a beige counterpart, but that, too, is off the shelves met. They were still in nine other colors released.

In a communication to let Perry know that “it was never the intention to hurt people”. “The shoes were in many colors and were intended as a nod to modern art and surrealism. When I made it clear that they were associated with blackface, I found that very unfortunate, because that was obviously not our intention. We have them right out of production achieved.”

Blackface is the phenomenon in which white people their face with black paint to black people to look like. This often goes hand in hand with big eyes and red lips. The use dates back to the theater, but still. Just think of the reason why our tradition of Zwarte Piet, the help of santa Claus, as much as to receive criticism. For a large section of the population is considered as extremely offensive.

The controversy comes after a similar incident with the fashion brand Gucci, earlier this month. They brought a black sweater with a roll, which on the face could be pulled as a kind of mask. The red lips give the whole thing a questionable look. The conscious jersey is now off the shelves met.

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