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Jan Vertonghen looks ahead to match against Borussia Dortmund: “We played with confidence.”

be080992e907fd0bba5aca1738d41c19 - Jan Vertonghen looks ahead to match against Borussia Dortmund: “We played with confidence.”

Red Devil Jan Vertonghen has made his light shine in the Champions Leaguewedstrijd against Dortmund. Vertonghen will by an injury of Ben Davies probably left to play.

Vertonghen said in an interview that he has no problems with it if left to play. He explains that he is in the beginning of his career and the Red Devils often on the position played, but that he in his way will fill in. “There is a difference between playing as a left and central defender. I try to give my role as a rear on my way to fill in. I am a different defender than Danny Rose or Ben Davies, but I think I can play it in a way that the team can help.”

“If someone is participating you know, you follow the team more”

Vertonghen also had his light on Borussia Dortmund, the team of fellow Red Devil Axel Witsel. Dortmund won the group (with Atlético Madrid, Club Brugge to AS Monaco in the Champions League and is also currently first in the German league. “If there’s anyone that you know plays, you follow that team automatically a little bit more. I got it with a few teammates and with Axel Witsel over the German league. Dortmund play nice offensive football. They do well in the league and are an absolutely top team.”

Vertonghen is aware that a move to Dortmund should not be underestimated. “ Dortmund are playing with confidence. We need to be able to cope, because we are very confident. We want to do better than last year and advance to the next round. We are very motivated.”

The way to the quarter finals begin in London for Tottenham. “The home advantage is very important for us, especially in the knock-out stages. We played last year a few good Champions Leaguewedstrijden in Wembley, we want that again. It gives a huge boost to play at home. We play the heenwedstrijd against Dortmund in their own home, so we have all the supporters behind us.”

“Never fitter felt”

In the interview, had the 31-year-old Vertonghen about his future. “I feel not so old. It is fantastic to be in the Champions League and Premier League to play. I have actually never been fitter felt. The last few weeks I’ve realized that I as long as wants to continue playing if my body allows me. I think not yet to my retirement, but each year is a year closer to the end of my career, and of these matches, therefore I try as much as possible to enjoy it.”

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