Herman Van Rompuy mentions role as Brexitonderhandelaar ‘fake news’

601bd22d2bba3e12118b971b573d20c5 - Herman Van Rompuy mentions role as Brexitonderhandelaar ‘fake news’

European president Herman Van Rompuy denies being asked by the British prime minister Theresa May is to try the deadlock around the Brexit to break. This is reported by the British television channel Sky News on Tuesday, but Van Rompuy mentions that against The Standard of the ‘fake news’.

The British news channel Sky News reports that Van Rompuy Monday night in Brussels for a dinner with deputy prime minister, David Lidington. During that dinner would him on behalf of prime minister Theresa May asked the Brexit from the doldrums to pick up.

Van Rompuy, from 2010 to 2014 chairman of the European Council, denies that, however, categoriek. “I have, Monday night is, indeed, a conversation had with Lidington, but that was about the Brexit in general. There is to me not at all asked to try both parties to a compromise to move”, says Van Rompuy. “I hold myself absolutely not involved. What Sky News brings, I call fake news.’

Also European chief negotiator Michel Barnier made a Monday night appearance at the residence of the British ambassador. He was invited to a separate dinner with the British Brexit-minister Stephen Barclay.

Barnier said afterwards that the discussions “constructive” and that the “discussion” in the coming days is being continued’. Downing Street says about that conversation that “the next steps” in the process surrounding the British withdrawal from the European Union were discussed. Also was looking at whether a solution could be found for both the British and the European Union is acceptable, she said. On the European side fell finally to hear that the new talks should not be seen as a new round of negotiations.

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