Guest star from “Friends” earns still $ 2,000 per year thanks to role

A guest star from “Friends”, which is only two episodes long, the boyfriend of Monica, played, earn, today, still $ 2,000 to his role. Vincent Ventresca is well known for his rendition of Fun Bobby.

His role in the popular series pays until the day of today. This is due to the many global retransmissions of the series. Each year he gets another $ 2,000, or 1.765 euro, paid. “On the set I would prefer to be friends with David Schwimmer, Ross played,” he explains in an interview in The Guardian. “But he was not at all interested in meeting new people,” said Ventresca. Fortunately, it is not all disappointing. The dramedy had never expected such a small role in the bestbetaalde of his career would be.

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