Goedele on Top: “I see really still love between Tim and Deborah”

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From Friday, Laura and Roger, Heikki and Milou, Demi, and Sidney and Rodanya and Morgan the ultimate relatietest to FIVE. But Tuesday deepened Goedele Liekens is already in the new season that is full of drama, they are the very first images and looks they are back with the most talked-about contestants of the last series. How’s the Temptation perfect couple Pommelizio? What kept Joshua on Temptation Island-adventure? And can Deborah and Tim(station) by a single door?

Pommeline and Fabrizio to be a perfect couple seem to be, their relationship went the past few months, not about roses. By Fabrizio’s participation in Dancing with the Stars came to their relationship on the back burner, so to tell them to Goedele. Pommeline felt when often alone and misunderstood, while Fabrizio but on one thing focused was: dancing, dancing and dancing.

And yet asked Fabrizio Pommeline in marriage in that period. How did that proposal there? And doubted Pommeline at that time? But now, Pommeline, and Fabrizio stronger than ever, they would not even hesitate as a couple to take part in a new season of Temptation Island. And what’s more, Pommeline let Goedele her new tattoo that is a tribute to Fabrizio.

And Deborah, who last year by the hell went on, it radiates now as never before. “I’m not that girl” and you can see that. She is stronger than ever, Deborah 2.0. Tim shows for the first time remorse and admits that he is wrong. What’s more, he tried her after Temptation Island even to win back..

Lize, the girl with the azure eyes, fell two years ago for the charms of the singing Know. But are they still together?

Goedele looks also forward with the Flemish couples of the new season, watching together with them, the first images and Joshua has more of his great hallmark, because after Temptation Takeoff, he is seen in Adam seeks Eve VIPS, where he was nude going on a date on a deserted island.

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