Geldkoerier with armored car full of money to get

d52a5f4d98ccd56659db8be0ce7df5e5 - Geldkoerier with armored car full of money to get

The 28-year-old geldkoerier Monday with an armored geldwagen disappeared, was finally not 1 million but 3.4 million euro of loot. The man remains without a trace, the empty geldwagen is found. The man still worked for the company.

An eyewitness reported, meanwhile, in the French gendarmerie. He saw how the geldwagen of Loomis in double file parked. That happened in Aubervilliers, just north of Paris. Two armed geldkoeriers walked into the office of Western Union. A third remained in the car. As provided in the procedures.

Suddenly left the car. Shortly afterwards came the two colleagues to the outside and there was tumult in the street. ‘They knew not clearly what had happened.’

The firm of Loomis, among more specialised in waardentransporten, responding for the moment. But, according to the court, there was not 1 million euro in the car, as was first said, but 3.4 million euros.

Only a few months to get started

The armored geldwagen is yesterday found. Without money, without a driver, without a weapon.

The investigation was entrusted to the French police-unit of the fight against organised crime (BRB). It is considered that the 28-year-old geldkoerier, who was only a few months before Loomis worked, even with the money to go went. Still it is a robbery or kidnapping is still not completely out of the question. ‘Though it seems unlikely. If the procedures are followed there can be no one from the outside in the armored car to get, ” says the French police.

Perhaps it is the refugee geldkoerier later with his booty switched into a different car. He is now internationally identified.

The booty is large, but not record. Exactly ten years ago, a geldtransporteur in Lyon to get went with 11.6 million euros. On that roof was later written a book and made a movie. The offender was later sentenced but came into 2013 already free.

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