Four of 24 Oscars are not on television awarded

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The Oscars for best camerawork, best editing, best live actionkortfilm and best make-up to be this year, not issued during the televisieuitzending of the 91st Academy Awards, reports Variety. The four laureates will receive their prizes during the commercial of the broadcast. That has Academy chairman John Bailey via a letter attached to the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The presentation of the four golden statuettes can be via followed, confirms Bailey.

This remarkable decision fits in with a plan for the broadcast of the Oscars no longer than 3 hours. The chairman requires, therefore, that the winners are a little bit more active preparation during the ceremony. “If you win, tarry not and hurry to the stage. Let the public see how happy you are with the price she wishes to take,” stresses Bailey. In total, the winners will each be 90 seconds the time to get to the stage to mention and the prize.

Today is the last day that members of the Academy can vote for the winners. The Oscar ceremony this year will be on Monday night February 25 at 2 pm (Belgian time) will be broadcast.

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