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Flemish people make clip for world famous dj-duo

The new clip of the American dj duo The Chainsmokers, known for Tomorrowland, it is already 4 million views on YouTube. The video for Who do you love is made in Ghent and each graffito was hand sprayed by Musketon, Gert Van Goethem and Lennert Case.

The past few years conquered The Chainsmokers the world with hits like Roses, Don’t let me down , and #SELFIE. The video clip of their latest song Who do you love got in three days more than four million views.

Striking: that video clip is not manufactured in America, but in Ghent. In a room above Yugen Kombucha, on the Ferdinand Lousbergskaai. The Ghent Limburger Bert Dries, better known as Musketon, drew himself together with two other artists, Gert Van Goethem and Lennert Case, back to the music video in each other to boxing.

The pictures were a great feat. Each word from the song put the three artists to manually in graffiti. “There were 1.900 shots needed. We had two weeks to all those words on the wall. Everything happened with the hand, so it is good that we three were, ” says Dries. “We had to each time a new layer of paint application. Also when it hard froze, we did continue on, so tight was the deadline. In thirty days, I had the clip ready.’

Everything via mail

How The Chainsmokers in Ghent end up? “They are not here. All arrangements were made via email, ” says Dries. “I have to learn about them in New York and gave some of the sweaters that I developed. With a beer like they wore in the clip of #SELFIE. When I suggested to work together, they saw that immediately.”

A genuine fan of The Chainsmokers is Dries not. He mainly wanted a cool clip. ‘We already had something similar done. But as The Chainsmokers have something to release, gets that, of course, a lot more views, which is good for us. Please note: if Dana Winner us to a cool clip asks, we’re making that with as much pleasure.’

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