Film on native soil: Dead Corner is now available with the Movies & Series Pass

A penalty politiethriller of the Molenbeekse filmmaker Nabil Ben Yadir, with Peter Van den Begin, Jan Decleir and Ruth Becquart. Now available with the Movies & Series Pass of Proximus TV.

Peter Van den Begin getting into Dead Angle in the shoes of Jan Verbeeck, an uncompromising police chief of the Antwerp drugsbrigade. He is as ‘Mr Zero Tolerance’ extraordinarily popular and famous among the population and in the media. The country is also in turmoil when he announces that he is the police leave, just before the elections, to join the extreme-right party VPV, with Jan Decleir as Chairman.

On his last day as a policeman leads a research him to Charleroi where a raid in a drugslaboratorium a series of unforeseeable and fatal events in motion. His past presents him some of the bills…
In addition, Peter Van den Begin and Jan Decleir you can also see Ruth Becquart, Soufiane Chilah, Jurgen Delnaert, Bert Haelvoet, Tibo Vandenborre and Mathijs Scheepers.
Dead Angle is Am Yadirs third full-length album, after Les Barons and La Marche. A penalty politiethriller with a dark, oppressive atmosphere, beautiful camera work and excellent acting skills. Peter Van den Begin and Soufiane Chilah shine as the commissioner and his right hand.

The film was last year’s three nominations at the Magritte du Cinéma, the film awards in French-speaking Belgium. Soufiane Chilah knew of his nomination to cashing in the category ‘best male promise’.
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