Erik Van Looy is the ‘Voice of God’ in Spamalot

79a5a4d2f2c8497f6ca8536b597f8ab7 - Erik Van Looy is the 'Voice of God' in Spamalot

Erik Van Looy will be heard in the musical ‘Spamalot’. The host of The Smartest Man In the World takes the invisible -but crucial – role as a ‘voice of God’. He follows this Guy Mortier, in 2011 this role ventured.

Erik Van Looy: “It is no secret that I’m a huge Monty Python fan, I have ‘The Holy Grail’ at least 96 times seen and to now at some distance, to be a part of their world is truly a privilege. I saw it immediately sitting when Stany Crets called me to the ‘voice of God’ to life. Certainly, when I heard that I was one of my all-time heroes Guy Mortier should follow. It is rather a small role, but I have to start somewhere as a musical actor, hey (laughs)”

Jan Van Looveren, Jonas Van Geel, Koen Van Impe, Walter Baele, Ann Van den Broeck, Dieter Verhaegen, Nordin De Moor and Kobe Van Herwegen spoke yesterday, a week before the actual rehearsals for a burger and the first reading of the script.

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