Enter for horrorfans: Ghostland, now in the Movies & Series Pass

b07fb4e1c33afc190025422f984df6d2 - Enter for horrorfans: Ghostland, now in the Movies & Series Pass

Meaning in a portion of horror? Everything you need for a night of horrors, you find in ‘Ghostland’. Now available with the Movies & Series Pass of Proximus TV.

In Ghostland , we follow Pauline, a single mother of two daughters. After the death of her aunt, to inherit Pauline and her daughters to a secluded house. During their first night in their new house is all wrong. Two killers invade the home, and Pauline must fight for the life of her daughters to save. A drama that the whole family traumatiseert, and the sisters drives them apart.

The oldest, Beth, moved to Los Angeles, founds a family and harvest success as horrorschrijfster. Vera on the other hand gets the events are not processed and becomes embroiled in a destructive paranoia. Sixteen years later, the family is reunited in the house that Pauline and Vera never have to leave. And there will be all kinds of strange things …

Ghostland is a film from French filmmaker Pascal Laugier, who, with his second horrorprent ‘Martyrs’ a lot of fuss caused by the shocking and explicit violence. Also in Ghostland is, incidentally, pretty gruesome.

The role of Pauline, played by Mylène Farmer, and further that you are under more Crystal Reed (Skyline), Emilia Jones (Brimstone) and Anastasia Philips (Don’t Talk to Irene).
Ghostland is now available for free to subscribers of the Movies & Series Pass of Proximus TV.

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