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Coins to the value of 1.7 billion USD in 2018 stolen – Coin Hero

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Coins to the value of 1.7 billion USD stolen in 2018

Home News Coins to the value of 1.7 billion USD in 2018 stolen

Matthias Nemack –

Almost two billion dollars in the crypto money has been stolen from 2018 of Criminals. The analysis of the service provider Cypher trace.

Theft remains a big Problem in the crypto world

Malware, Trojans and other programs, represent for Internet users a significant risk. In illegal Bitcoin mining about to be used, the computers of ignorant users by hackers to earn money at the expense of others. But above all, crypto is theft for a number of Trading markets, which Speculate with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and now hundreds of other Cryptocurrencies allow a growing Problem. This is confirmed among other things by a new evaluation of the well-known company Cypher trace, which is quoted in various trade media.

Customers worldwide are at risk of theft

The experts come in with your analysis for the year 2018 to the conclusion that hackers have captured in the past year due to their attacks, a total of about $ 1.7 billion. A good 60 percent of the stolen funds to go solely on the account of two active groups of Hackers (dubbed Alpha and Beta), as the analysts tell. On average, each successful attack will have caused in the said year, such as a damage in a magnitude of approximately 90 million USD. In particular, the first group of Alpha according to the professionals in the home Cypher trace is very professional and well-organized structures. Exchanges have problems in the reduction of such risks.

Offender time prior to the exchange in “real money”

The theft is carried out via a sophisticated System of different crypto Wallets and trading platforms. The tracing of the perpetrators more difficult for specialists in a significant way. Before funds are disbursed, passes have shown, a longer period, as the analyses. To stolen Coins in Fiat money to be exchanged, to 5,000 or more transactions to be within the digital world. 40 days will pass according to the findings of the analysis, at least, before the Criminals leave their stolen goods finally pay off. Even if the investigating authorities will always be better to put hackers in – really effective measures against theft of currencies such as Litecoin or Dash yet. Because even the Criminals are getting more creative.

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