Cath Luyten shows new friend

9f0d941d43b93f15753d70ac104e6d7b - Cath Luyten shows new friend

After a relationship of more than fifteen years left Cath Luyten and the 23-year-old Frank Raes in the beginning of december to know each other. “In concert”, as it sounded back then. Meanwhile Luyten fall in love, and she asked her new friend, the 38-year-old Eshref Reybrouck, for the press.

With Reybrouck has the 41-year-old Luyten someone out of the box to tie. He worked as a director at ‘Marsman’, ‘What If’, ‘Cordon’ and numerous other Flemish series. After her breakup with Frank Raes remained so don’t throw in the towel. Soon it became known that she had a friend, but the identity of this person remained a long time secret.

Until last night, when the movie ‘Trio’ of Matteo Simoni, Ruth Beeckmans and Bruno Vanden Broecke premiere at Kinepolis Antwerp. For Luyten is the ideal opportunity for the first time with her new boyfriend to pose for the photographers.

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