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Cardiff wants to transfer fee Emiliano Sala to pay if you are contractually obligated to show

Memhet Dalman, chairman of Premier League club Cardiff City, says that his club is willing to the transfer fee of seventeen million euro for the deceased Emiliano Sala to pay. If at least it can be demonstrated that Cardiff there contractually obliged vis-à-vis of Nantes, the ex-club of the crashed Argentinian.

Sala died in a plane crash, en route from his previous voetbalbestemming Nantes in France, to Cardiff in Wales. Had the attacker during the wintertransferperiode signed for a record sum of seventeen million euros. Over the past weeks, the question arose whether Cardiff that sum must now pay Sala is killed.

Nantes had already understood that the transfer fee is still expected, and Dalman told Tuesday on the BBC that Cardiff possibly willing to go along with me. “If we are contractually obligated to pay, do we do that, of course,” said the Cardiff chairman. “We are a respectful club. But if we are not required by law, it is my task to further investigate. That is what we are doing now. We are still in the phase of information gathering. Once there is sufficient clarity, we will together with Nantes and a solution work out.”

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