Arnout Hauben adventurous journey Around the North sea’

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For the six-year-old Arnout Hauben was the beach of Ostend, the end of the world. There was he sure of. Now is going to be there for him on that same beach a whole new world opens, the world of the North sea.

When we are in Flanders speak about the North sea coast, it is often about our own built-up sea front of only 67 km long. But the boundaries of the real North sea reach much further. Behind the coastline lies a vast water world that the Flemish people barely know. A sea that Flemish history has been made, and that the Belgians, the French, the English, Scots, Norwegians, Danes, Germans and Dutch together.

In the ten-part adventure reisreeks Around the North sea departs Arnout Hauben, together with Philippe Niclaes (camera) and Ruben Callens (sound and drone) – on a 5,000-kilometer-long trip around the North sea. He goes in search of the rich history of that sea and collects startling stories located on and around the water have played.

Arnout brings stories from the ice age and prehistoric times, about the coming of the Vikings and the ill-fated superstormen. About new ideas, goods, and diseases that spread through the North sea have scattered. About the world wars that were fought, about the demise of fisheries, the arrival of the radiopiraten, windmills and, unfortunately, plastic pollution… In his typical casual style, speaks Arnout with the people that he is in and around the North encounter. The present and the past flow effortlessly into each other.

The three begin their journey in the historic port city of Bruges. In the ten episodes take viewers along the Channel along the English east coast to the remote Shetland islands. There they cross over to Norway along the fjords to descend to in Denmark. Via the Danish and German coast Arnout, Philippe and Ruben in the Netherlands. Their adventure ends in Antwerp.

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